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Biography :

Brian Keith Williams was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He preached his first message at the age of five. At age sixteen, he was awakened by God and called audibly, on two occasions.

He traveled as a Crusade Evangelist and accepted the call to the pastorate in 1985. For 29 years he served as the senior Pastor of All Nations Church of Columbus, Ohio.

In 1998, he was consecrated to the Bishopric and served on the Apostolic Council of the Azusa Fellowship.

He has traveled over three million miles, pastored thousands of people, licensed and ordained over four hundred ministers. Under his Apostolic mantle, five Bishops have been consecrated.

He has planted, pioneered or covered, over forty churches. Currently, He serves as the presiding prelate of the Apostolic Network of Churches International.

He has founded six Bible Schools, including "The BKW Young Preachers' Institute,"which graduated hundreds.

He is a published author. Has been featured on all major Christian Networks, hosted a daily television and radio programs.

He attended University of Maryland on a journalism scholarship. Received an Honorary Doctorate from St. Thomas Christian University.

Dr. Williams has spoken in hundreds of conferences, on several continents. He is father of three beautiful and blessed children, Achea, Brian and Brandon.

He is affectionately known by his facebook pen name, Sir Brian. He loveees you.

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